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Hassle-free Windshield Replacements in AZ

Insurance companies often provide stress-free windshield replacements in Phoenix if you carry a zero deductible glass coverage policy. As Arizona is a no fault state, insurance companies are legally bound to offer a deductible waiver if you have comprehensive or full coverage. Although the business of replacing auto glass is often defaulted to larger companies partnered with ins. companies, there are tons of small businesses eager to show you what they can provide.

Phoenix windshield replacement services and advisement can be setup by clicking the previous link, or by calling (480) 430-4597. Whether you need auto glass service on your work truck, daily driver, or Mercedes SL 500 we’re happy to help. We can replace any piece of glass on almost any vehicle, including motorhomes, RVs, classic, antique, and exotic vehicles.


Anytime Auto Glass named finalist for BBB Ethics Award

For the first time in Arizona’s history an auto glass shop was nominated for the prestigious Better Business Bureau Torch Award.  Considering the stigma that has plagued current independent and network shop owners over the course of more than a decade this is no small feat.

For small to medium business owners in the auto glass repair and replacement (AGRR) business, stories of unethical sales representatives, business owners, and even the story of Empire Glass are a constant reminder to how the industry used to be.

For Anytime Auto Glass, quality and service begin before a job is written. Despite Arizona’s position that auto glass technicians are not required to partake in any sort of certification or training, Anytime has always sought out veterans in the industry that are excited to stay at the forefront of an evolving craft. There’s a ton of shops out there that don’t want the risk of working on classic cars, Bentleys, Maseratis or other vehicles where something as simple as scuffing the paint during an install would be a monumental setback.

Check out these classic auto glass replacement jobs on their photo gallery. You can also check out their interview on the BBB’s Youtube channel.

Arizona Windshield Replacement Law

If you haven’t been in Arizona long, it may surprise you how our “no fault claim” process works with regards to windshield repairs and replacements. ARS 20-264 states that If you pay for comprehensive coverage on your vehicle, the insurer is held accountable by law to offer a waiver of all deductibles related to safety equipment.

That generally manifests itself in what we call a “Glass Waiver,” which is typically an option that costs around $7 a month on top of your comprehensive insurance premiums.  Considering we don’t have too much grass around these parts, for most consumers it makes sense to purchase the waiver if they already have comprehensive coverage on their vehicle.

Arizona is also a no fault state with regards to auto glass damage. What that means is your insurance company cannot raise your rates, deductibles or premiums, due to filing a claim against an insurance company for glass damage. You can find the legal jargon under ARS 20-263.

It is also important to understand that as a consumer you have the right to select any auto glass company you wish to fulfill the service of your vehicle, as stated by ARS20-469. This can be confusing when you phone your insurance company and are automatically routed to a glass company to process the claim.  Before defaulting to the provider your insurance company partners with for glass related fulfillment, take into consideration our 5 Questions to ask when choosing a windshield replacement or repair company.  You may have other factors to weigh when choosing a provider, just keep in mind that as a consumer one of the biggest voices we have is choosing who to spend our money with.

If you find yourself in need of a windshield repair or replacement, check out our Auto Glass Shop Anytime. We would love to repair or replace your damaged windshield. Whether it’s an antique car or your daily driver, our technicians would love to come out at your convenience.

5 Questions to ask when choosing a windshield replacement or repair company

Arizona windshield replacement service providers are not all created equal. Although we are in a “right to choose” state, which means consumers can select any auto glass company they wish, there are several important factors to take in to consideration when choosing who will get your business.

  1. Is the auto glass company a preferred shop with your insurance?

Being a preferred auto glass shop with insurance providers solves many of the problems with regards to warranties, billing, and standards for quality and service. In order for a shop to be preferred they must be licensed and insured, while also fulfilling any warranty related issues with regards to manufacturer defects and installation malfunctions. Preferred shops also accept all insurance company pricing, which means windshield replacements will be zero cost for the customer when they have full coverage and a glass waiver or glass coverage.

  1. Is OEM or OEE (Original Equipment Equivalent) glass being used?

Like with any product or service, there are always corners to cut when it comes to costs incurred by the provider. OEM and OEE glass is designed for the particular make and model of your vehicle while generic brands are designed to fit multiple makes and models of different vehicles. Although generic glass pieces may “fit” in your vehicle, they typically do not offer the same precision. They are more often linked to installation complications like wind noise, leaks, and other mishaps.  The only real benefit to a generic piece of glass is the cost. Make sure you understand what kind of glass is being put into your vehicle.

  1. What kind of Warranty does the shop offer?

Although this question ties in with the first one, it is an important to consider when obtaining your service through either insurance or by paying cash.  If an air leak or water leak is present a year after installation, what sort of assurances do I have that the auto glass provider will fix the issue? At Anytime Auto Glass we provide a nationwide lifetime warranty on these types of defects for as long as you own the vehicle.

  1. How long has the company been in business?

In the Arizona auto glass replacement industry, we always hear of customers who obtained a service from a provider that has since went out of business. There have been plenty of stories of companies that use generic glass to fulfill numerous orders who inevitably end up going out of business (or providing the same shoddy service under a different name) in order to escape their obligations for warranty related issues due to use of inferior products. Although we realize every business has to start somewhere, make sure you are using a company that isn’t cutting corners at your expense.

  1. Are the technicians certified?

Windshields are the third most important piece of safety equipment in your vehicle after the seat-belt and airbag. Make sure you have a certified professional working on your installation to help prevent air leaks, water leaks, and general malfunctions. At Anytime Auto Glass most of our technicians have 15 year plus experience and are certified by the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards Council.  They are also certified in using Dow’s polyurethane adhesives which is used to bond the windshield to the car. Using proper installation products, as well as experienced technicians is important to us and should be to you too.

When you choose an Arizona windshield repair and replacement company, make sure they aren’t cutting corners at your expense. Ultimately, the windshield is what upholds the structural integrity of your vehicle. At Anytime Auto Glass, we pride ourselves as a locally owned, family operated, preferred network shop. We have a free mobile service and a national lifetime warranty. Whether you’re looking for a windshield replacement on your daily driver or dream car, we have the experience and expertise to do the job right the first time, guaranteed.

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